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FEATURED VIDEO: 'Marlena' Music Video Teaser

This week's featured video is a teaser for Stephen Warwick and the Secondhand Stories' 'Marlena' music video, directed by William S. Davis. Stay tuned to the 'Headlines' section at the bottom of the page for more information on the full music video, to-be-released shortly!

To view a behind-the-scenes documentary of the music video, click here.

[Click on the video below to watch the teaser for the 'Marlena' music video]


Click on the video below to view the Yellow Arrow Film, Inc. demo reel:



Below are the top news items for Yellow Arrow Film. Read below and follow the links for more information, and check back for weekly updates regarding projects in development, production and completion. For more posts and project information, please visit our Blog.

1. $500 Days of Summer Project
YAF member William S. Davis is currently working on a project to provide high concept, low cost music videos to bands and artists. The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, June 20th and the videos will be shot June 21-30th, 2012.

To read the blog post, click here, or go to the website at www.500dollardays.net.

500 Days_of_Summer_Flyer_for_YAF

[Above: A flyer (made by Davis) for the $500 Days of Summer music video project]

2. Erik Murphy Cinematography Reel
Erik Murphy, YAF member and director of photography extraordinaire, has premiered his demo reel hot off the press this week! With works spanning multiple continents, short and feature-length films, music videos, documentaries, time-lapse photography and more, be sure to check out the top of the page to view his reel or visit his page here! 

erik murphy_reel_thumbnail

[Above: A still from 'Big Highway', directed by Lance Lindahl with cinematography by Erik Murphy]

3. 'Everything is Fine' trailer

Yellow Arrow Film's High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Corn Sugar film 'Everything is Fine' has finally arrived! Stay tuned for more released work including a BTS documentary and other stills of the characters like the one below!

[Above: Kayli Tolleson and Devin Rickus sing in 'Everything is Fine']

4. 'Marlena' Music Video
The 'Marlena' music video for Stephen Warwick and the Secondhand Stories is almost here! The music video takes place in 1865 at the end of the Civil War where we follow a soldier (played by musician Stephen Warwick) as he braves a battle featuring hundreds of soldiers, cannons, cavalries, gunplay and more, all in search of an enigmatic figure.

Be sure to view the teaser trailer for 'Marlena' at the top of the page!

marlena still5

[Above: DP Christian Simpson (on camera) and AC Collin Scouten film Stephen as he fires his weapon in 'Marlena']

5. 'Blood Letting' Music Video
'Blood Letting' is a music video shot on 16mm film and is based at the turn of the 20th century on a village as they hunt down a man. To view a teaser of the music video and to follow the project updates including special appearances and additional behind-the-scenes materials, click here.

bloodletting still4

[Above: Director William S. Davis directs actors prior to a death scene in the 'Blood Letting' music video]

6. 'About' Video Interviews
To announce the new About' section currently in development, Yellow Arrow Film interviewed one another to create the following films.

To view the vides click on the images below, and to create a maelstrom of information and curiosity, click on all videos at once!

[Above: YAF members William S. Davis, Bradlee Crawford Hicks, Nathan Jordan, Erik Murphy and Rusty Sheridan]

7. "The Endless" Festival Update
Rusty Sheridan's dystopian 16mm film noir "The Endless" continues its festival run. Festivals it's shown at include the Dam Short International Film Festival, the Green Bay Film Festival, the RiverRun International Film Festival, the Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival.

For more information on the film including a teaser trailer, behind-the-scenes documentary and interview with director Rusty Sheridan, click here.

the ending_teaser

[Above: Actor Brett Gentile passes by a movie theater in "The Endless"]



Yellow Arrow Film, Inc. is a decentralized media collaborative with an international grasp, dedicated to pushing the limits of each project we are a part of.

Our specialization ranges from music video, documentary, educational and commercial work in both short and feature-length formats, always with a focus on creative integrity.

YAF offers full service project management, and our production capacity includes a professional range of industry standard camera, lighting and editing equipment and a talented crew of directors, producers and editors as well as set and costume designers. We pride ourselves in taking on challenging projects, and regularly utilize and combine our wide array of creative talents to accomplish any project from beginning to end.

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